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Do opposites really attract? (1/?)

 Title: Do opposites really attract? (1/?)
Author: haekeyver
Pairing: KeyBer
Genre: Fluff, Angst
Rating: NC-15

Chapter 1: Expect the unexpected

Amber’s POV

What the heck! Why am I here? I should be over at the park right now. But instead I’m here also waiting in this long line for this audition thing. I’m not fit for this, whenever there’s a chance I’ll slip outta here fast. My hommies are waiting for me dammit! We’ll lose on the deal if I didn’t show up.

Narrator’s POV

“Amber Josephine Liu? Hellooo! Earth to Amber!” Mei said while waving her hand in the air in front of Amber’s face.
“Huh? What?” Amber snapped out of her thoughts.
“I’ve been talking and talking here for a while now and you weren’t listening? Thanks.” Mei complained, irritated by the fact that they’ve been waiting in line for 5 hours now and to make matters worse, her cousin was not listening to her stories which purpose is to kill time and boredom.
“Sorry cous, I’m a little off right now.” Amber apologized.
“Yeah I can see that, you’re body is here but your mind is wandering off somewhere.”
Amber just bowed her head down as a sign of apology.
“You’ve been like this for weeks now. What’s the matter? Is something bothering you?” Mei asked worried.
“Nothing.” Amber lied.
But her cousin knows her really well so she doesn’t let Amber off the hook.
“C’mon, I know there’s something bothering you. I can feel it. Don’t you trust me anymore?” Mei made a sad face.
“NOO! It’s not because I don’t trust you, I just don’t want you to get involve.” Amber explained.
“Involve in what? Even so, you should tell me so that I can comfort you.” Mei hugged her cousin thinking it might help Amber a bit.
“Thanks. I know you always cared for me. Thank you Mei.” Amber thanked her Sister/Mom-like cousin.
“So, what is it that’s been bothering you?” Mei asked again expecting an answer from Amber.
“It’s about…” Amber was cut-off by the sudden call of the staff from SME.
“Amber Josephine Liu! Amber Josephine Liu, Miss Josephine are you here?” The staff called out loud. Amber felt embarrassed because she’s not used to being called with her second name.

Amber’s POV

I was about to say it when suddenly someone called out my name. It was a staff from SME. Dang! I really hate it when other people call me by my second name. I’m okay with people calling me by my whole name but with just Josephine alone makes me curse at the person calling me. So to stop him from calling me, I raised my hand in the air.

“Here!” I said.
“Okay, be ready, you’re next.” The staff said then returned inside where the audition hall is.

Damn! I hate him! If he hadn’t called me by my second name I wouldn’t have raised my hand so that I can excuse myself here. My cousin didn’t hear him call my name anyway because she’s wearing earphones listening to some TVXQ songs that she really love. I can excuse myself that way saying that they’ve forgotten my name. Haha! But in order to shut that big mouth of his, I have no choice but to raise my hand.

“Goodluck cous. I know you’ll do good.” Mei smiled to me.
“Thanks! I’m here anyways, might as well give it my best shot.”

- After 15 minutes -

Here it is! Finally my named got called again. I can’t wait to get out of here and fly to the park. Those guys, they’ll get a piece of me when I get there.

- After 10 minutes –

Wow I didn’t think that this thing will end so soon. The time I spent falling in line is way longer than the time I rapped in front of those judges. Anyways, I better go now. I’ve wasted a lot of time for this. Mei can take care of the results.

“How did it go?” Mei asked me.
“I’ll tell you all about it later, I gotta go. See you at home!” I bid goodbye to her while getting my stuff.
“But aren’t you going to wait for the results? They’re going to announce it soon.” She retorted.
“Nope. I really gotta go. Bye!” I hugged her before taking off.
“Okay! Be careful! See you at dinner.” I heard her shouted behind me.

Narrator’s POV

As Amber left the auditorium, she got a call from one of her best buds.

“Yo! I’m on my way. Is everybody there already?” Amber asked while running.
“No! Of course! You’re the only one who’s not here. Duh! C’mon dude hurry up!” the person on the other line was anxious.
“Okay okay I got it. I’m almost there. Sorry my bad. If we lose this it’s all my fault.” Amber felt sorry.
“We’re not going to lose. I believe in your skills. We’re going to show those fools what we got.” The person on the other line was confident.
“Haha! Yeah! We’re going to serve give them what they’re asking for! Hehe. I’ll hang up now. Bye.”

*click* like that their conversation ended. Amber ran as fast as she could, she ran as fast as the wind. Several minutes after, she arrived at the park. There they are, her friends and the rival group who summoned them for this battle for reputation.

If I’m not mistaken, I forgot to tell that Amber belongs to a group of rappers. Each group has a certain place of territory they call home. And Amber’s group was summoned by the group from High Street for a battle for reputation. They’re one of the best in the neighborhood so this will be a tough battle for Amber’s group. Amber’s rapping skills was not that bad either, actually she was the best rappers in the neighborhood. Not one soul in the neighborhood can beat her in her rapping skills. Another factor that made her one of the best is she’s a girl. Her aunt was not totally approved of her being a part of this kind of groups because she might get hurt. She just wants her niece to be a normal person. She always said to Amber that, “If you’re parents are here right now I know they’ll think the same way too.” But Amber just ignored her aunt and continued what she does best, that is rapping.

Amber’s POV

Finally! I arrived at the location and there they are. Those fools, they don’t know what they’re asking for. I walked towards them. Getting closer and closer, my friends noticed my arrival and approached me as I come their way.

“Where have you been? We’ve been waiting here for hours. You know that…” James, the youngest in our group yet the most matured was the first one to talk and was pushed aside by Henry.
“It’s okay, I’m glad you arrived here safe. Let’s go.” Henry accompanied me through our members that gathered all around me. Henry was like our leader and the eldest in our group. I’m the second eldest so I’m the second in line. Henry has always cared for me. He’s like the eldest brother I wish I have. Of course I got my cousin Mei but it’s different having an older brother protecting you. So I’m really thankful that there’s a person named Henry in my life.

Narrator’s POV

So as the rhythm started, the battle between the two groups also started. They fight against each other through creativity of words and not through physical harm. As the sun sets, the day ends and the battle for reputation was also put to an end. In the end, Amber’s group lost. It’s not because of Amber being late, it’s just because the group from High Street was really good. Amber felt bad and took all the blame for losing. Her groupmates tried comforting her but it just won’t work. So they all went home with their faces down like a wet dog.

Amber’s POV

Man! I screwed up big time! I don’t have a face to show to the neighborhood right now. I’m really ashamed. If I haven’t gone to that audition thing I could’ve prepared myself for the battle. I’ll just sleep this thing, maybe this is all just a bad dream.

*knock knock*

“I’m not hungry. I’ll just eat later. You guys go ahead.” I shouted at the person knocking on my room’s door.

*knock knock knock*

The knock became louder. Man! Can’t they eat without me?

“I said, I’m not…!”

*boom boom* (A/N: the sound of party poppers.. haha..)

“Congratulations!” Mei shouted in front of me then covered me into a hug.
“What? What’s this all for?”
“You got through the auditions! You passed SME auditions!” Mei said still shouting.
“What? Really? Wow!”
I’m amazed yet still confused as to why I got in.
“Yes! So, when are you going to Korea?”
My eyes turned big by Mei’s question. What? Korea?!!! WTH!!!

***END of CHAPTER 1***

..so sorry guys if I posted the first chapter so late.. I’ve been busy these days because of our rehearsals.. haha.. yes, I’m a dancer too.. I have a cover group here in the Philippines for SHINee.. we are all girls and we are preparing for our debut stage right now so I’m practicing really hard.. I’m their Key (the member I cover is Key) so I have to practice really hard because Key is a great dancer.. and sorry again because this chapter is so boring.. me myself also got bored too while writing this.. haha!.. but the next chapters will be awesome, I promise that.. haha.. so this will be it for now.. please wait for the next chapter!.. and thank you for reading! Take care, god bless..
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