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Key & Amber ♥

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♥ leehzard mouse;

A community dedicated to the relationship of Key of SME's group SHINee and Amber of SME's group f(x)

o1. Everything must be related to KeyBer, enough said.
o2. Please tag your posts properly. We want our community to look tidy and neat don't we? Check out the tagging system if you're not sure of what to do.
o3. Heavy images & artwork & fanfics under cut. Previews are allowed. If you don't know how to use an lj-cut then go here.
o4. Please PM one of the mods if you want to advertise anything and ask for permission.
o5. Do not bash other pairings/members. We're here to spread the KeyBer love, not start drama.
o6. Have fun :)